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LANBERG PDU-07E-0200-IEC-BK PDU 1U 10A 7 sockets French 2m, Black

7.969 Ft (6.275 Ft + ÁFA)
Cikkszám: ALSO_PDU-07E-0200-IEC-BK
Bemutatótermünkben: Előrendelhető
Külső raktáron (szállítás 1-3 munkanap): Előrendelhető
Nem értékelt

Leírás és Paraméterek

This Lanberg's PDU (Power Distribution Unit) surge protector is a solution dedicated to professional applications in the field of power strips. Its construction has been prepared exclusively for horizontal mounting on the front of all types of 19" server cabinets. The strip provides uninterrupted, reliable power supply to devices connected to it, giving its users an additional level of protection.
This particular PDU is equipped with 1-phase power input and a number of additional security features, such as overload protection, current circuit diaphragms to protect the user and an automatic fuse, which makes maintenance or replacement of this element very easy.
On top of that, for even greater level of security, Lanberg's PDUs all have larger cable diameter which ensures full, uninterrupted operation of the device, even when load levels are very high. Due to this, this product can be successfully used in a professional server environment as a safe, reliable and versatile power distribution unit.


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